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Super Bowl on the go...

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl game would be able to be seen while you are not at home? Well that is going to happen if you happen to have an important event that happens to occur on Super Bowl Sunday. If you do have something else to do on Super Bowl Sunday.... Read more »

All about the Droid Turbo

Hey there fellow techy followers. Sorry that I have not posted in some time a brand new post. I am here now and I won’t go away, plus in the upcoming posts I will be updating you on some new tech toys that you might be interested in giving for a holiday gift or you... Read more »

iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch are here.

Hey there fellow techy followers. Yesterday we all received word that Apple is launching new devices that will want us to get them either right away or will want them for Christmas or for one we have to wait until next year. Let’s get started with the introductions. First off the iPhone 6 and iPhone... Read more »

All about the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet

Hello fellow techy followers. I am here to present to you a brand new tablet that will change your thoughts about tablets. The device that I am going to introduce to you is the new Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. Have we heard about a tablet that is waterproof? Until this point I have not heard... Read more »

Do you want to be inspired?

Hello fellow techy followers. I want to share with you a couple new things that can help you on one of those bad days that you might encounter. It’s brand new technology that will maybe inspire you in having a better day than what you might be experiencing at the moment. ┬áIf you are a... Read more »

All about the LG 3 and LG G watch

Hello my fellow techies. I have missed you all. I hope you are experiencing a great summer. Let me share with you some new gadgets that are currently available and you might want to get your hands on or just try out and get them at a later time. Let’s first start off with the... Read more »

Are you watching the World Cup??

With already almost a week into the World Cup and if you have been following it, you might see that it is providing us with a very exciting World Cup something that I have never ever before seen in my years viewing the World Cup. As we all may know there are new ways to... Read more »

All about the ASUS PadFone

Hello there fellow tech followers. I have a new toy that I want to share with you. It is the best of 2 worlds for those folks that can’t make up their minds if they want a brand new smartphone or if they want a new tablet. Stay tuned for the news. As you might... Read more »

HD cell phone calls??

Have you ever been at a party when the cell phone rings and you have to move to the next room or to another place where they can actually hear you and you can hear the other person on the line talking. Well if have this problem, I have some good news for you. AT&T... Read more »

New cheaper Macbook Air's are available now

Hey fellow tech followers I just wanted to share with you some great news if you are in the market for a very light and portable laptop and at a lower price that you might find shocking. Earlier this week without any conference to make this announcement, Apple made an upgrade to their Macbook Air... Read more »
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