Police officer fired - Correct. Bad Student- no discipline- not correct

We all have seen that online video where it went viral. Where a student was misbehaving in class, the teacher could not control the student. The teacher called the police officer which was keeping the school safe into the classroom to remove the student from the classroom.

The actions that the officer did, in order to remove the student from the classroom was not the correct way. Let me just state this I thnk that both people in this situation in the wrong. The officer should not have gone that far to remove the student. Of course the student Let's just understand this that the generation of  kids of today is just like my generation or generations before me. I know in my situation if I was acting up in class I would always respect the teacher and obey whatever they told me and then once my parents got notice of how I was acting in class I would not see the light of day.

The kids of today are a very different breed. You can't simply say what was said to us. You need to take it a little further in order for them to obey. You simply slap them on the hand and they will simply say that you hurt them. You can not touch them because they could take it to the extreme and call the police on you.

I really don't know how we can actually discipline the kids of today without going to the extreme that the police officer did in the video. But let me state again that I don't think that the officer acted in the right nor did the student. Everyone went up against the police officer but they never paid any attention as to why the police officer was brought to the class. Think about it.

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