Are you watching the World Cup??

With already almost a week into the World Cup and if you have been following it, you might see that it is providing us with a very exciting World Cup something that I have never ever before seen in my years viewing the World Cup. As we all may know there are new ways to view these games. Let me introduce you to some options that you might want to take advantage when you are at home or if you are on the go and want to keep track of the USA or your favorite national soccer team.

If you are a AT&T U-verse customer you might know of these options but let me explain to those of you that might not have AT&T U-Verse and are looking for another option for your cable services. The first option is the, if you are at work or were too busy to watch the game. You can simply log onto the and log on and you can see the games in either English or Portuguese or you cana also see highlights from the game that you missed. If you would like more info you can log on to the

As we all know that everything can now be done on an app and these next 2 options will work on your smartphone or tablet, which ever that you prefer. The first one is the Uverse app which you can download to any tablet or smartphone that you own and you can take the game that you want to watch on the go. So if you are at the mall and want to just rest for a while the wife or the daughters are shopping you can just take out your smartphone or tablet whichever that you may have at the moment and you can see the game and not miss a moment.

The other app that I will introduce is the Watch ESPN app. You can download the app to either your smartphone or tablet. It is available for most cable providers you can log on to and you can look at the list of cable providers that they currently support. Once you download the app you can watch any game that may be going on at the moment on either ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3. Not only is it good for soccer it is good for all types of sports or programs that you might want see while you are not at home.

So if you are interested in one of the options you can always visit your local AT&T store and they will show you the nice options that Uverse currently offers. If you are interested in the WatchESPN app and you can vist either the Apple App store or the Android store and you can download it to your wireless device and enjoy sports and the World Cup action on the go.

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