New cheaper Macbook Air's are available now

Hey fellow tech followers I just wanted to share with you some great news if you are in the market for a very light and portable laptop and at a lower price that you might find shocking.

Earlier this week without any conference to make this announcement, Apple made an upgrade to their Macbook Air line and made it a little more affordable for price for everyone looking to get a Apple laptop.

Both standard 11 inch and 13 inch models will be featuring a faster processor of 1.4 Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor it will still have the same 4GB of RAM. Both entry models of the new Macbook Air's will be $100 cheaper than the previous generation of the Macbook Air line. So for example the new 11 inch model will be sold now at $899 and the 13 inch will now be sold at $999. Both of these 11 and 13 inch models will have 128 GB of flash storage. While the the higher end models will feature 256 GB worth of flash storage and will be priced at $1099 and $1199.

If you are looking at battery life of the laptop. They also upped the battery life on both laptops the previous model of the 11 inch had 8 hours of battery life with the update the new Macbook Air is good for 9 hours. The 13 inch also jumps for 10 to 12 hours of battery life.  As you may know if you go on the Apple site you can also configure the computer to your needs. The maximum you can go on the processor is with a 1.7 Ghz dual core Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB of RAM and you can get those specifications for both the 11 and 13 inch models of the Macbook Air.

If you still think that this price is a bit high for a Macbook Air. You might also want to look at the refurbished models of the Macbook Air. Right now the 2012 11 inch models are priced for the low price of $599 and the 2013 version is priced at $719. So you have options if you are looking for a light weight laptop that won't hurt you when you carry it around.

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