HD cell phone calls??

Have you ever been at a party when the cell phone rings and you have to move to the next room or to another place where they can actually hear you and you can hear the other person on the line talking. Well if have this problem, I have some good news for you. AT&T is beginning to roll out in the state of Illinois and some others among the U.S.A, a new service called AT&T HD Voice.

So how does AT&T HD voice work? Well like in the situation above you can now talk in your normal voice without having to scream and everyone hearing your conversation. Your conversation will sound like you are talking to the person as if they were right next to you. This service uses noise cancellation  and wide band audio technology. This will make your calls sound better without hearing any background noise if you compare that your normal phone calls that you make.

What do you need in order to take advantage of this service you need to have an AT&T HD Voice capable phone and it has to be seen on your account that you have HD Voice and they have to be in the coverage area where HD Voice is available. It is available in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you want to see what areas are available you can check att.com/hdvoice

You might be asking yourself right now, well this service might cost me extra. Well I have good news for you, there is no extra charge of this service for you. This service is just another way that AT&T is building a secure network for us.

Right off the bat this service will be available for you on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini phone. As time moves on more phones will get the service.

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