Commisioner Adam Silver got it right!

I know this is not technology related, this topic that I am going to write about is way beyond sports. We all have listened to the audio recordings of this so called owner of the Clippers Donald Sterling. When I first heard these recordings. I will be honest I was beside myself. How can basterd own a NBA basketball team? When the league is currently dominated by African-American's. When this guy just thinks that he is way better than African-Amercian's and minorities in general. He should just start to rethink those thoughts.

Also when I heard the recording I automatically thought he should be banned for life. This is what the commisioner of the NBA Adam Silver just did. He brought down the hammer and gave him the lifetime ban that I wanted and can not participate in any NBA related activities.. He also demonstrated that this kind of trash will not be allowed in this league ever. This hatred will not stand anywhere at this time.

It just baffles me that this still goes on in our nation. When we have a African-American President. These people that still talk this crap around everywhere. They need to look at the nation right now and look because minorities will soon become the majority.  I just want to say to everyone let's just stand against this injustice. Thank you Adam Silver on doing the right thing and throwing away the trash.

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