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All about the HTC One (M8)

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How is everyone doing out there today. Today’s posts is all about the HTC One (M8). You might be saying to yourself right now hasn’t HTC already released that phone, technically it does feature the HTC One but this one is the HTC One (M8). This phone is unlike anyone that we have seen before.... Read more »

EXTRA! EXTRA! Samsung Galaxy S5 is here

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Us the users have seen that Apple and Samsung have been in a bitter battle to get on top of the smartphone market and at times you will see Samsung on time and other times you will see Apple. Now comes word that if you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy series of phones... Read more »

New pricing plans for AT&T wireless customers

Welcome back fellow tech followers. If you remember last week  I had posted online some news on the updates that AT&T was doing with their messaging plans and how you can take advantage of sending text, video  and photo messages to anyone around the world. Now comes word that they are updating their Mobile Share... Read more »