New pricing plans for AT&T wireless customers

Welcome back fellow tech followers. If you remember last week  I had posted online some news on the updates that AT&T was doing with their messaging plans and how you can take advantage of sending text, video  and photo messages to anyone around the world. Now comes word that they are updating their Mobile Share plans.

If you are smartphone user you might say that the prices are too high for a smartphone user. Well AT&T is offering you the consumer lower prices, unlike other companies who might be raising prices because of the times. AT&T is giving you the user a discount to be using your smartphone.  Let us get to the details of where the price changes will happen.

With plans requiring 6GB of data you can notice a $15 discount to the previous plans. Also with this plan you can get up to 50 GB worth of storage in AT&T's cloud service called AT&T LOCKER you can get more information at

You can now choose data plans of 300 MB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB and 10GB, you can go even higher if you wish 20 GB, 30 GB, 40 GB, 50 GB. With the new pricing plan for the Mobile Share you can get a $15 discount from the previous plan if you had. So if you have a 2GB value plan you might have had to pay $55 with the new update you will only pay $40.  Plus you can get the included 50GB worth of storage in the AT&T Locker.

You might be asking yourself if I am in a 2GB plan right now will I automatically be transferred over to the new pricing plan? No. You have to change over to the new plan to advantage of it. The best part is that you can switch at any time and no contract extension is required to take advantage of this plan.

If you currently notice is that the 1GB plan is no longer available. If you want to keep it, you can. You can always change over to the 2GB for $5 dollars less.

Some of the benefits of these new plans is that you can share data with up 10 devices, Mobile hotspot is included with capable devices. If you with AT&T and want to take advantage of these new prices go out and visit you local AT&T store and tell your local AT&T rep that you want to sign up for these new plans and save some money.

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