LG G Flex

A brand new phone is going to be available for pre-order tomorrow that is unlike any phone that we the average user has ever experienced in our lifetime.

Who among us would have thought of the idea of having a curved phone? Not me and I know that not any of you my fellow readers. That is what LG is now offering us the user. A curved phone that makes is a more comfortable experience when you are talking on the phone. Let me get into some of the details as many of you are awaiting.

First off when you look at the device from the side you will notice the curve. It also featurs a 6.0 curved OLED that offers a very elegant view whenever your viewing photos, videos or seeing your favorite tv shows, movies. It features a first in battery making, so if the phone is curved it would also lead to a curved battery a first and a high capacity battery. It features a high capacity CPU which is a Snapdragon Quad Core Processor. It features a 13 mega-pixel rear camera which when you want to share you can show them off from your elegant screen or you can also print them.

The OS is Android 4.2.2 which is Jelly Bean. Features a 2.1  mega pixel front camera which you can take your selfie pictures or you can also have a video conference with friends or family members.

If you want to get your hands on one of these devices you can pre-order it tomorrow like I stated at the start. You can go to your local AT&T store or you can also go online and get ahead of everyone else.  So go out and experience the new age in phones.

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