Samsung Galaxy Mega

As you probably read my last post last week. I noted that Samsung launched the new smartwatch that will work with the Note 3. Now comes word that Samsung has a new toy that will entice you to get the latest and greatest from Samsung. Think about this guys. Do you want a phone and a tablet all in one?

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy Mega. It features a 6.3 inch screen which makes viewing movies or going online and searching for sites more enjoyable on the go. You can enlarge photos, do calendar events you can do with a simple touch or you can always go old school way go with the stylus.

You can also multi-task easily on this phone, you can be watching a movie and then working on something online. You can do it with the Multi-Window feature on the Galaxy Mega. The phone also has a nice feature with Easy Mode, so you the user don't have to have a confusing exeperience with the phone. The icons on the phone are larger which makes it easy for you to experience the phone instead of having to turn in the phone and exchange it for another one that you may be familiar with.

If you have a Samsung TV you can use this phone as a remote control. The key thing that you need is the Samsung TV that is compatible with you the phone.

I bet now you want to know what the price of the phone is? Well it is $149.99 with a 2 year contract. You can get it at your local AT&T store. So go and experience the Samsung experience.

If you want to bone up on your spanish check out the video on Youtube experiencing the new phone.



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