Samsung Galaxy gear is here

samsung-watch-881x1024We all have heard that Apple was going to be releasing their iWatch, but will Samsung beat them to the punch and sell a better watch? After being in the coattails of Apple, Samsung released yesterday their creation to the new age of tech. The Samung Galaxy gear smartwatch which will be released on September 25th for $299.

Let's get into what the watch holds. It features a 1.6 inch screen and weighs 2.6 ounces. It has some nice features which has a 1.9 mega pixel camera on the strap and speaker which will help you if you want to have a hands free experience. The watch comes preloaded with 60 apps including a step counting pedometer  for the people who enjoy workouts and a S voice very much like what Apple offers in Siri.

This device is not be used like your typical smartphone like composing emails or going online and downloading music. It requires a different battery that is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 , they do mention that they are working on it.

It is to work in tandem with their line of phones. The one phone that it will work with right out of the box is the Galaxy Note 3 which is like a phone and a tablet at the same time and is the newer phone in the Note series. Users who buy both devices will be able to read messages, check the weather, and take photos on the smartwatch. Take into consideration that the phone will also cost you $299. If you combine both your looking at a $600 price tag.

We can honestly say now that we are in the Jetsons age, what is next? A flying car? Houses that are in the air like the Jetsons cartoon?Only time will tell what beholds us.


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