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Google = Easy

Whatever makes our lives easier then that is device for everyone. Google made the announcement Wednesday introducing a new device that looks like your standard USB drive. It is called Chromecast. So what does Chromecast do? Well it will stream content to your tv via a Wi-Fi connection and you use your computer, tablet or smartphone... Read more »

Is AT&T cool now?

If you read my last post, you saw how I mentioned that T-Mobile was introducing a new way for customers to upgrade their phones. So T-Mobile introduced that you can upgrade a phone within 6 months. Also another thing that asked in my last post was if you any of the big 3 of the... Read more »

T-Mobile you look good right about now

We all at one point or another have dealt with the issue of upgrading cell phones. Tell me if this hasn’t happened to you at one point, your phone is old and you want a new one, you go to your cell provider and you tell them you want to upgrade your phone. They tell... Read more »