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Take a ride and you can win

As we all know that for us Techy people there is a week all to ourselves. Techweek which started today and ends on Saturday. Let me introduce to you a nice new app anytime during the year but that is beneficial to anyone who wants to start up there own tech company and wants to... Read more »

Microsoft Office on an iPhone?

Yes you read that headline correct. You can now get your Office documents on your iPhone. Microsoft launched an app for Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers. Now the key word is subscriber you have to have a subscription with Office 365 in order to be able have this app on your iPhone. What you... Read more »

Apple Keynote Presentation

All of us that are techy fans have grown accustomed to these presentations from Apple. Ever since the late Steve Jobs made his annual presentations where he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He made us want to go out and get one iPod, or the latest computer they created. Now it is CEO Tim... Read more »