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When you first take a glimpse at the new Xbox you could swear that it is a device from back in the 60's or 70's, because when you compare to the PS3 it is pretty thick.  It comes with an updated version the Kinect camera.

Now most college, high school kids will never turn off their Xbox's but with the Xbox One you won't need to turn it off and to turn it back on you can just simply say Xbox on.  When it powers up it will recognize you using the Kinect camera and set everything on your system as you like it. One benefit of the new system is that new updates or downloads will be done in the background and you won't have to log in and do it right away as you log on.

Xbox live is pretty much the same as the Xbox Live that we see right now. The only thing that benefits us the user is that it will remember what you were last doing, so like what game you were playing, what song you were listening to. If you are so into the system that you want to go back to the home page, you simply say Xbox go home. It will take you directly to your personalized home page on Xbox Live.

Now like I mentioned above in my title that the Xbox One is used for TV and not for video games. The reason I said that was because they showcased the tv features more than they did with the video games. For example if you want the Xbox One to switch to the TV you simply say Xbox watch TV and that will take you to your live TV feed.  So using those commands you can do more stuff like for example Xbox game, Xbox, go to music, Xbox, go to Internet Explorer, or Xbox watch movie.

One nice feature is that you can do multiple things at the same using the Xbox One. For example for us fantasy football buffs. You can be watching the game on the Xbox One and then you can say Xbox, show fantasy. So it will show your fantasy team and if you are leading or trailing in your game for the week. So that is a cool feature. You can also change channels using the Xbox One by saying Xbox, Watch MTV and it will change the channel. Using the Kinect you can also take video calls, as we all know Skype was bought out by Microsoft. So we all know that they had to feature this on their presentation.

Under the hood it has 5 billion transistors and has 8GB of RAM. It also featurs USB 3.o, a blu ray player, 64 bit native. The console is virtually silent and the system is designed to work for now and the future so you won't have to worry about a new device coming out is a couple years. But the drawback is that the 360 games that you have won't be compatible with the Xbox One.

Kinect has been upgraded as well, you can now view 1080p and it can track your heartbeat as you exercise. It is something that they didn't showcase but we would have to see it first hand when we test out the device.  The game pad which looks almost similar to the 360 game pad but has been upgraded to the feature more than 40 design changes and it will have an integrated battery built in and some new impulse triggers.

So we will have to see how this new console will compare to the PS4. But from first impression I am not impressed. There is still time for me to be won over Xbox One.

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