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Blackberry Messenger and iOS, Android?

Blackberry has made the announcement that their most popular messenger service called Blackberry Messenger will now be coming to your iPhone or iPad and this wil be coming this summer so in a couple weeks or months. Blackberry Messenger was the first service that offered users of their device to message other people with that... Read more »

Xbox One, TV, video games not to be used for

When you first take a glimpse at the new Xbox you could swear that it is a device from back in the 60’s or 70’s, because when you compare to the PS3 it is pretty thick. ┬áIt comes with an updated version the Kinect camera. Now most college, high school kids will never turn off... Read more »

Direct TV with voice capacity??

All of us tech geeks out there are familiar with voice recognition, it is found on the iPhone, Xbox 360, and usually any new smartphone out on the market right now. So now comes word the Direct Tv the biggest satellite provider out is announcing that it is enhancing the app that it has on... Read more »

HTC First gone?

We all waited as the anticipation when the Facebook phone also known as the HTC First was released and when we the announcement was made we were under whelmed. I don’t know if anyone out there has purchased it or is considering it. Read this if you are considering to get the phone. HTC First... Read more »