Facebook invades your phone

The brains at Facebook Mark Zuckerburg revealed yesterday that it would now be invading your Android phone. As we all have on our phones by now, Facebook has an app that you are either posting photos, videos, or crazy things seen on the internet directly onto your Facebook page.

Now Mark Zuckerburg wants to bring a whole new Facebook experience to you. The experience is called Facebook Home it will only work on Android devices and will be available to download for free on April 12th. The object of this new movement, in the words of Mr. Zuckerberg "he wants you the user to navigate through people and not apps".

So let me describe to you the Android user what you can have on your phone. First you will lose the lock screen that is on your Android phone so good bye to that because Facebook will be taking over. So when you first see the lock screen you will see a slide show of photos, updates from their news feeds.

Home also has a new feature called chat heads it allows you the user to keep your conversations going SMS and Facebook messages, they will appear at the top of any app that you may using. So you won't lose that conversation. They are focusing on the content and on you the user rather than just concentrate on the app itself.

You might be saying well I have an Android phone. So I can download it right? Well let me first say that only a select few Android phones will be able to take advantage of this new interface. The first phones to have the new interface are the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II on April 12th. Facebook also expects to have the interface ready for tablets in the upcoming months.

Another thing to take into consideration is that Facebook is offering a program for carriers and device makers to incorporate Facebook Home into their devices when they are made in the factory. HTC and AT&T are the first companies to sign up, with the HTC First coming out on April 12th for $100.

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