Virtual tickets coming to Wrigley

If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 and you have upgraded to the newest OS you are aware that the new OS has an app that stores your coupons, plane tickets, or baseball game tix into this app called Passbook.

Now the Chicago Cubs will be joining 13 other teams that now will be accepting this virtual ticket at the gates of their stadiums. You might be asking yourself if you the Chicago Cubs are doing it, then the Chicago White Sox are going to be one of those 13 teams that are joining in this new technology? Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they are not one of those 13 teams. There will be 3 other teams that will join before opening day stay tuned.

CNET reported that last season out of 1.500 e-tickets sold during this test, 12% of them chose to use the Passbook app. That is why MLB is now very much interested in the paperless ticket market.

By adding this feature to their MLB at Bat app you can easily purchase the game that want to and then just keep the ticket on your phone. Without having to purchase the ticket on your computer then getting the ticket e-mailed and then printing the ticket from your printer.

With this partnership that MLB has done, they will be more popular with the common baseball fan. The only person that was using the Passbook app was the frequent travel using American Airlines. So if you are one of the users of the iPhone that I had mentioned above and are a Cubs fan and want to go to a game use this app the next time you don't want to lose or carry your tickets.

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