iPhone and T-Mobile.. It's here...

Like the saying goes "he who laugh's last, laughs best" well that is what is happening here T-Mobile the last cell provider that is going to carry the most popular cell phone that changed the way cell phones are made is now going to be on sale and that phone is the iPhone. It will be going on sale on April 12th. They will now be featuring new features that we as users have never seen before. The iPhone will be under a new policy called Uncarrier policies. T-Mobile wants to separate themselves from the other providers.

I will go into detail as to why T-Mobile might have the best deal upfront for this phone. First off the 16GB iPhone 5 will be $100 down from the original price and you don't get a 2 year contract, you get to pay $20 for 24 months. After you reach the 24 months your payments reduce. If you compare that to other providers you only pay the regular price for the phone and you pay a monthly fee that the price stays the same and never changes.

One thing that Sprint,Verizon and AT&T don't have with their iPhone 5 is something that T-Mobile will now feature. This feature is called Wide band audio they are going to call it HD Voice.

They are not only going to carry the iPhone 5, they are going to carry the iPhone 4S for $70 down and $20 a month for 24 months, the iPhone 4 for $15 off and $15 for 24 months.

There are changes to their rate plans as well. They will charge $50 a month for unlimited talk, text and 3G data plus 500 MB of 4G data. You can also add 2GB of 4G data for $10 a month, per line, or if you want unlimited 4G pay $20 a month. If you want to add more lines the base rate is $3o a month for the first and $10 a month for each additional line.

So if you have left T-Mobile which I would assume most of you have had a bad experience. You might consider going back? Would you?

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