Good bye Google Reader

Were you aware that you had Google Reader on your computer? If you didn't, now you know. The bad news is that Google is killing it off this July. So as soon as you found out a new thing on your computer it is gone.

You might be asking yourself well what does the Google reader do? Well let me explain it started off in 2005 and what Google reader does it keeps track on the latest info that your favorite sites might have added. If you are interested in RSS alternatives you can export your data including the subscriptions that you have with Google Takeout and you can do that within the next 4 months.

You might have noticed a new term in the paragraph above RSS. You might be asking what is RSS? Well RSS is rich site summary. This service became very popular among journalists who probably asked their readers to keep track of their articles and whenever a new article came out you would know. As we all know that with time new things come out and replaces it. We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and others that just make it more easier to know what is the latest news.

There is a petition online on the site which was started by Daniel Lewis. No it is not Daniel Day Lewis, Abe Lincoln himself. Daniel has gathered over 15,000 signatures. So if you are a person that does not want this service to go, then go to and sign the petition.

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