Cancer go away!!! It's Donna's Day!!!

We as Chicagonow bloggers on this site and you that is reading this at this moment in time. We need everyone out there to help Donna a little girl who is battling a nasty cancer needs our help.

Were you aware that more children from the US die from cancer than from any other disease? That is just mind blogging to me. Now think about this fact as well, did you that every 3 minutes somewhere in the world there is a child that is being diagnosed with cancer?

Now the cure rate for leukemia is high as 90% but there are other childhood cancers that do not have that much success such as, brain tumors that are a 50/50 shot of having a success and DIPG which is sometimes a fatal disease and there is no known cure for it. Now 73% of the kids that do survive the disease of cancer suffer chronic health problems and then that leads to 42% of them will suffer a more severe or a more life threatening second cancer.

You might have heard of St. Baldricks and the magnificent things that they do for our kids. If you haven't I will link this page up to their website. You can check out the many things that they do.

The reason that we all here on Chicagonow are doing this is to reach a goal that was set out for Donna. Donna Day is this Saturday March 30th and they are holding a head shaving day to raise the money needed. Last year there was a goal of $20k and it was surpassed to the total of $79k. This years total is $30k hopefully that total is surpassed as well. Now if you want to take part in the head shaving or if you would just like to donate, the link is included by just clicking on the donate that is highlighted. Remember a little bit always helps in these efforts. If it is just $5 or $10 it goes a long way in reaching our goal. Also if you would like to spread the word to your friends, family members to help just share this article with them.

Also if you want to know about Donna's story here is a link to her page and the many postings. Check it out. Just click on the highlighted Donna's.

Let's fight this nasty cancer head on!

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