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iPhone and T-Mobile.. It's here...

Like the saying goes “he who laugh’s last, laughs best” well that is what is happening here T-Mobile the last cell provider that is going to carry the most popular cell phone that changed the way cell phones are made is now going to be on sale and that phone is the iPhone. It will... Read more »

Good bye Google Reader

Were you aware that you had Google Reader on your computer? If you didn’t, now you know. The bad news is that Google is killing it off this July. So as soon as you found out a new thing on your computer it is gone. You might be asking yourself well what does the Google... Read more »

All about the Samsung Galaxy S4

We all have heard the news that there is a battle to be the top smartphone in the market. That holds to be true today. There was a report that Phil Schiller just bad mouthed Samsung and Android users. To a point he is right, he mentioned that many times Android users are usually running... Read more »

Blackberry back in business..

Blackberry was once the go to phone for executives out there. Little by little smart phone companies came into the fold and began taking away customers from Blackberry or also known as RIM. They always stood by their guns and kept the QWERTY keyboard that made them famous. As people flocked to the Android phones,... Read more »

Virtual tickets coming to Wrigley

If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 and you have upgraded to the newest OS you are aware that the new OS has an app that stores your coupons, plane tickets, or baseball game tix into this app called Passbook. Now the Chicago Cubs will be joining 13 other teams that now will be... Read more »

Cancer go away!!! It's Donna's Day!!!

We as Chicagonow bloggers on this site and you that is reading this at this moment in time. We need everyone out there to help Donna a little girl who is battling a nasty cancer needs our help. Were you aware that more children from the US die from cancer than from any other disease?... Read more »