Wi-Fi in your car coming in 2015

General Motors and AT&T are forming a tag team that they will incorporate AT&T's technology in their fleet of cars come in 2015. They will incorporate 4G LTE technology into their 2015 Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac cars they will be made available in 2014 in the U.S.A and Canada.

What this does is it makes the car a Wi-Fi hotspot. The speed that the 4G LTE will have in the car is 10 times faster than your regular old 3G connection.

All this does is that it makes you not want to get out of your car. If you remember some time back I had mentioned that Apple wanted to aid us iPhone users when using the Facetime app, first when the Facetime app was introduced it was only to be used with a Wi-Fi connection. Until recently they had announced that now you can make Facetime calls without using a Wi-Fi connection. Now with this introduction of 4G LTE to new 2015 fleet of cars from GM you can still make the Facetime calls.

There are a ton of benefits of having a Wi-Fi connection in your car is that if you are a traveling salesman you can access maps, info so quickly that it is so ridiculous. One other benefit is if you are a family on a road trip you can keep the kids entertained with movies, games on your smartphone.

Other app's will include a vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications, what that could so is provide you the driver with better safety and better convenience for you and your passengers. GM has not stated if there will be a membership fee for this service but one would like to think that there will be some sort of free or will up the price of the car. We will have to tune in and see what is in store for AT&T and the car manufacturer.

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