Hotmail no more! Outlook is here to stay

Are you still the owner of a Hotmail e-mail address? I know I was at one point during my college days. Microsoft made it official that Hotmail is going away and now it will be known as Outlook. So now instead of going to you will need to go to Nothing will be changing for you the user if you have a Hotmail address,, or, your user name and the passwords, the contacts and the settings stay the same.

If you access your Hotmail e-mails you may have noticed today that you received alerts stating of the new Outlook. You the user are left with the choice if you want to make the switch over to the new service or just postpone it. It is your choice, what you want to do. They do want to make the complete overhaul by this summer. Every user of Hotmail will be on Outlook by this summer.

Most people out there still can't say good bye to their original e-mail accounts and that is why I have to you if you are one those people. That change is good for you. The upgrades that Microsoft is doing is not bad. looks similar to the interface on Windows 8. The interface works alongside the old Hotmail so you won't be lost when you log onto

Right now at this moment Microsoft says, that Outlook has 60 million users. Only a third of those users belong to Gmail. I am one of those third. That still has Hotmail account but never access it and currently use my Gmail account more.

Microsoft really wants to steal some users away from Gmail so that is why they will be launching media spots on TV. You might get flooded with ads soon enough. Just like when Microsoft launched the Surface tablet. So stay tuned.

Outlook is just another e-mail provider that is added to the mix. We will see what type of noise Outlook makes. Just like Bing took some thunder away from Google. They want to do it again with Outlook. Google might say it is nice that we have some competition in this. We will just raise our games to push them further away from us. Your move Google.


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