Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan

Tomorrow is a momentous occasion for the greatest basketball player to ever play on a basketball court. We all that live in Chicago and all over the world have seen how he played the game and how when he played basketball he conquered the world.

I know for myself I always wanted to play basketball like him. I have the ritual that he did when he shot a free throw down pat and you know what it? The ball goes in. Other than that I was never tall enough to take over a basketball game like he did. That never stopped me from trying.

We all remember the epic games that he played in. For example the shrug, the game where he went bonkers versus the Portland Trailblazers in the 92 finals where he shot 6 three pointers in the first half and finished with 35 points in the first half and he just turned to the announcers and gave the shrug to just say I don't know.

Then you have the game that started it all off when the Bulls were in the playoffs vs the Cavs in 1989  and it was in the closing seconds and everyone knew who the ball was going to, and he worked his way to get the ball in his hands, and he had Craig Ehlo on him and he just dribbled his way towards the free throw line and hit the game winning shot and celebrated.

We also experienced the game that just proved to us that he was not human. The game is called the Flu game during the 97 NBA finals. Everyone out there has heard the story that he was very sick had the flu. Many of us would be in bed and resting. This game would not rest he wanted to get a win, to close out the series. He willed his team using every ounce of his energy to get that victory. The epic scene of Scottie Pippen helping him to the sidelines is a lasting image that everyone knows about.

The game that ended his Bulls career in one of the most marvelous ways was the last shot he took during the 1998 NBA finals versus the Utah Jazz, where once again he willed his team to victory and hit the game winning shot that everyone has looked at and it just looks beautiful because it was the game that clinched 6 championships for the Bulls.

He then went to the Wizards played with them for a while. That was just a bleep on screen. Reason being is that he will always be a Bull. Everyone wants to debate about who is better now Lebron Or Michael. Let me offer this to the debate. Michael went 6 for 6 in NBA finals games and Lebron barely won his first one this past year. So I would say Michael is better than Lebron.

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