Could an iWatch be far behind?

How many times did you as a kid want to be like James Bond and have the toys that he had? That dream may soon be coming to fruition. There is talk in the techosphere that Apple is anxiously working on a watch. Yes! You heard that right a watch. You might be asking yourself well why, the iPhone already has a clock on it and we can use that as a watch.

The thinking could be that they would like to get their hands on a new venture. Like for example Nike launched their own wrist band called the Fuelband that keeps track of your work outs and is a hot seller. So maybe they would like to tap into this new market where this watch could do a variety of things.

Let's sit back and think about it. What would this watch do if you were in the offices of Apple at this time? Well let me aid you in some of the ideas, first I think it is a good chance that Siri will be incorporated into this watch. I can see Tim Cook presenting this watch and him taking right into the watch asking Siri where to find the nearest restaurant (like James Bond). I think one thing that you can check off the list that this watch will not have a music player on it or either a video player because I think it would be ridiculous to have that incorporated into the watch. Another thing that could be a nice addition is the weather on your watch. Just like the Nike fuel band that I described above maybe this watch could aid you in your workouts as well, it could as a pedometer, keeps track of every step you take and how many calories you have burned this day.

All of us are left to dream as to how it is going to look and what it is going to do. One thing is for sure that it is in production and that it could be launched later on this year. So tune in and see what the results be.

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