Coming next week the Microsoft Surface Pro

As I posted last week that Apple is going to release the upgraded in capacity iPad. Now Microsoft is going to launch their Microsoft Surface Pro. Here are the details on when it will be released, it will be on February 9th in the U.S and Canada. It is priced at $899 for a 64 GB and $999 for the 128 GB. What is inside the Surface? It features an Intel i5 processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of RAM, and a more better battery than the other tablets that the Surface is competing against to gain the upper hand in the tablet wars. Unlike the first Surface that was launched this version will be able to handle the full version of Windows 8 and able to run Windows 7 applications. Alongside these two versions that I described above they are also planning on launching a 64GB version of the Microsoft Surface RT for $599 and it costs $100 less than the version that comes with the included Touch cover.

Both versions of the Pro ship with a Surface pen but unlike the first Surface that was launched before the Christmas holidays this version does not include the Touch or Type covers which will cost you around $100.

Starting on February 9th you will be able to obtain said device on the Microsoft website, Microsoft stores, and retailers like Staples and Best Buy.

If you are going to be debating which of the newer tablets to get, let me aid you with that. Well first and foremost  the 128 GB tablet costs $999 which I think is very high price for a tablet, you could get yourself a computer at that price. Let's compare that with the iPad Wi-fi version which also is at 128 GB and that one the price is $799. It is pretty simple to just look at the prices and see which one is the better deal. Apple clearly has made a better deal for every user out there. If you are going to tell me what about the processor? Well I would have to go with the Surface Pro.  Let's see what kind of noise Microsoft can do with their new tablet. If it were up to me. I would still go with old reliable which is the  Apple iPad. But it is up to you the user, and see which one you feel more comfortable with.

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