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Wi-Fi in your car coming in 2015

General Motors and AT&T are forming a tag team that they will incorporate AT&T’s technology in their fleet of cars come in 2015. They will incorporate 4G LTE technology into their 2015 Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac cars they will be made available in 2014 in the U.S.A and Canada. What this does is it... Read more »

PS3 old news, PS4 is the new rage

Sony announced last night at a meeting that could be seen online. The PS4 which was the big announcement last night will be on sale to the masses out there during what time? The holidays! With all of us tech geeks out there anxiously waiting for the big reveal of the device all Sony provided... Read more »

Hotmail no more! Outlook is here to stay

Are you still the owner of a Hotmail e-mail address? I know I was at one point during my college days. Microsoft made it official that Hotmail is going away and now it will be known as Outlook. So now instead of going to you will need to go to Nothing will be... Read more »

Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan

Tomorrow is a momentous occasion for the greatest basketball player to ever play on a basketball court. We all that live in Chicago and all over the world have seen how he played the game and how when he played basketball he conquered the world. I know for myself I always wanted to play basketball... Read more »

Could an iWatch be far behind?

How many times did you as a kid want to be like James Bond and have the toys that he had? That dream may soon be coming to fruition. There is talk in the techosphere that Apple is anxiously working on a watch. Yes! You heard that right a watch. You might be asking yourself... Read more »

Coming next week the Microsoft Surface Pro

As I posted last week that Apple is going to release the upgraded in capacity iPad. Now Microsoft is going to launch their Microsoft Surface Pro. Here are the details on when it will be released, it will be on February 9th in the U.S and Canada. It is priced at $899 for a 64... Read more »