New iPad coming.. That's right

You read that headline correctly. There will be a brand spanking new iPad coming out. No.. it is not inexpensive it is completely the opposite. It is way more expensive than the regular iPad.

What is new about this new iPad. Well one that is has way more capacity than your standard iPad. It has 128 GB worth of storage capacity. It has the nice looking Retina Display. Everything stays the same just bigger storage capacity. You might be asking yourself this, well how much is going for? Remember I stated above that it is more expensive than the regular iPad.

The price is $799 for the Wi-Fi version and $929 for the Wi-Fi and cell network iPad. When will it be available? It will be available on February the 5th, next Tuesday.

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint have already stated that they will be carrying the brand new device in their stores. If you never wanted to join AT&T you may want to now, you may ask yourself why are you saying that? Well let me say they have a sale at this present time that says that if you were to purchase any tablet up until February 14th you get $100 off that tablet with a 2 year contract. Not a bad deal if I were to say so myself.

This does work side by side with Apple's release of the new iOS 6.1 So we will see if there is a mad dash for the brand new high end iPad, will there be long lines at Apple stores or at that AT&T stores or at Verizon or Sprint stores? Or the or has Apple lost their touch with the public? Only time will tell.

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