Making Phone calls on Facebook Messenger

If you are a user of a iPhone and if you are a user of the Facebook app that is a free download in the app store. You might be aware that Facebook later unveiled a new app called Facebook Messenger. What Facebook Messenger does it that you can chat with any of your friends on Facebook and that also is a free download in the app store.

Earlier this month the app was updated in which you could make VOIP calls to any friend on your Facebook friends list. When it was updated you could only make those phone calls only if you were in Canada. Now they are spreading into the United States.

You might be asking yourself so how does it work? Well it is pretty simple. First you download the app. Once you download the app you are able to access your friends list on Facebook. Next you open the chat feature in the app by selecting the i on the top right corner and then you select the person that you want to talk to. If the feature is activated and the person that you are trying to talk to also has the app there should be a "free call" button. If it is greyed out try tapping it anyway because they are making it available to all users within the next couple days.

What this means for Facebook is that they are trying to use their massive network and use it to combat Skype. Now teenagers who have an iPod touch can make phone calls using the app. So when they always compared the iPhone to the iPod touch the difference was that one could make phone calls and the other couldn't, but now with this app allowing this function iPod touch users can now make phone calls. Now all iPod touch and iPhone users can make calls.

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