Facetime over a cell network

Are you a iPhone or an iPad user? How many people out there have questioned how come I can't use Facetime over a cell network when I am not in a Wi-Fi hotspot? So if you are always asking yourself that question.

Let me be the first and say that using Facetime over a cell network is finally a reality. Now if you are out and about and you are not in a Wi-Fi hotspot you can now take that Facetime call. So AT&T made it official that customers with a Facetime device can now use Facetime over a cell network. Before they made that announcement only iPhone 5, iPad mini or only users with a Apple device that has LTE service. The only users that still can't use this service are people with grandfathered unlimited data plan users.

AT&T said that they should be able to update in the next couple months. If you have Facetime on your device then you should be able to use that function right away there is nothing that you the user should do to be able to use Facetime.

I think that this a great move by AT&T because how many times are you in an area where there is no Wi-Fi and you get a Facetime call and you can not take that call. This just opens it up for many more users to use Facetime and best yet there is no fee to use that service. This is just great news for every iPhone and iPad user out there. Just that the only users that still have the unlimited data plans and haven't changed to the newer type of data plans are not going to be able to use this function. Which sucks!

So let me repeat if you have the iPhone 4S and newer, the 3rd gen iPad and newer, and the iPad mini you will soon be able to use Facetime over a cell network. Happy times, using Facetime everyone.



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