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New iPad coming.. That's right

You read that headline correctly. There will be a brand spanking new iPad coming out. No.. it is not inexpensive it is completely the opposite. It is way more expensive than the regular iPad. What is new about this new iPad. Well one that is has way more capacity than your standard iPad. It has... Read more »

Facetime over a cell network

Are you a iPhone or an iPad user? How many people out there have questioned how come I can’t use Facetime over a cell network when I am not in a Wi-Fi hotspot? So if you are always asking yourself that question. Let me be the first and say that using Facetime over a cell... Read more »

Making Phone calls on Facebook Messenger

If you are a user of a iPhone and if you are a user of the Facebook app that is a free download in the app store. You might be aware that Facebook later unveiled a new app called Facebook Messenger. What Facebook Messenger does it that you can chat with any of your friends... Read more »