T-Mobile and Apple are married..

Officially the news has come, now every wireless provider now has an iPhone in it's lineup. The last provider that was hesitant to get the iPhone was T-Mobile because they use a different type of frequency for their phones than what the iPhone is accustomed to. So when Sprint and Verizon joined forces with Apple it was only a matter a time before T-Mobile made the leap into the iPhone market.

I kind of thought that this would have happened a little after Sprint and Verizon made their announcements last year. Now Deutsche Telekom the handles T-Mobile made the announcement that they will start carrying Apple products next year. Which can surely mean that they will be carrying the iPhone. It could mean they will carry the iPad, iPad mini.

It will just be a matter of time before they make the announcement of what their stores will carry and what the price tag of these plans will be. What could be very beneficial to T-Mobile and to any customer that wants to align themselves with them. They need to offer an affordable rate of plan that no other provider can match. The only provider out there right now that can offer a true unlimited plan is Sprint because every other provider puts a limit on what you can download on your iPhone.

Now you can not say will I am with T-Mobile I can't get an iPhone. So we will see what happens with every Apple loyalist and will they go and sign a contract with T-Mobile or will they say.. Hmmm. and just dismiss it. Only time will tell.

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