Microsoft Holiday look book

The holiday's are approaching us at a fast speed unlike any other that I have experienced. As we all have seen on tv and online  everyone is using their advertisements to remind us that we need to get gifts for Christmas. So let me aid you on your quest for the perfect and before you hit the malls on Black Friday with Microsoft's gift guide in digital form.

I will be providing the link to their Facebook page so you can access the guide and you can get a visual of the items that I am describing. So let's begin the journey through the guide.

The first image that you look at when you access the guide is the a guy sitting on the couch alongside a robot and they are playing video games. If you have kids they may know who the robot is, it is a character in the new video game that Microsoft has launched and it is called Halo 4. So if you know of someone that is into thrill seeking games this is the game that you must look into.

The next image is a very elegant office equipment that you could think that it is from a James Bond movie. It is some new computer gadgets that Microsoft is launching for these holidays. First off we have the Wedge touch mouse. Which by first look is not like your typical mouse that you are accustomed in seeing. It works alongside the new OS that announced about a month ago which is Windows 8. Then next you also have a Wedge Mobile keyboard which works for people on the go and works with your Windows 8 tablet like the Microsoft Surface.

Next up we have the Windows phone, this is the Nokia Lumia 920 it features a Carl Zeiss lens for remarkable photo and video taking. It comes in different colors so it can suit your style.

Then we have the Acer Aspire S7 which like I described above has the new OS Windows 8. It features a 13.3 screen with a HD Gorilla glass touchscreen which by the name alone says it is a very durable screen. So you can drop it or scratch it and nothing will happen. It looks very sexy. So if you are in the market for a new laptop and you want a small yet durable screen this is the laptop that you may be looking for.

I described above Halo 4 where you are playing video games sitting down, well why not offer your gamer a nice change of pace with the Nike + Kinect training. This game requires you to have the Kinect with your Xbox and then makes you get and up get fit instead of sitting down and growing a belly. This makes you stay fit. So if you want your kid or husband or if you just want to stay in shape this could be the video game that you are looking for.

Next up is the pride and joy of Microsoft at this moment and that is the Microsoft Surface. Which is Microsoft's answer to the iPad and iPad mini. So if you are not wanting to purchase that special someone an iPad this is a nice alternative.

If you are a Microsoft user and your computer is running the Windows 7 OS you might be looking to upgrade to the new Windows 8 Pro which is reasonably priced so check it out.

Then there is another Windows phone this one is called the HTC Windows phone 8X one cool thing that this phone that the iPhone does not have is that it has Beats Audio in the phone.

Last but not least we have another tablet with the Windows 8 OS and this one is called the ASUS VivoTab RT it is a 10.1 inch tablet but if you are looking for a keyboard that comes seperately.

So just log on to Facebook and search for Microsoft Holiday look book and you will see what I have just described to you if you also want you can share it with your friends and family. And you can also like the page if you wish

On behalf of me. I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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