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I was introduced to this company a few weeks back, and might I say that I am impressed with what they are offering. Let me just give you a brief intoduction into who the company is and what some of the benefits of the company is.

Let's start it off. Photoflow started off on June 2012 and like most companies they had to grow to become a popular site. Photoflow is known by over 70 countries. It is gaining popularity in the countries of Asia and Europe.

Now what is Photoflow? Photoflow is a site that is accessed online where you can use this site as a template for anything related to Instagram photos. You can use the site to like and comment and view  photos that you normally see on the Instagram interface. You might be asking yourself well don't you already do that on Instagram. It is true. But what Photoflow offers is just makes your Instagram experience a little bit more enjoyable.

Each user of Photoflow maintains and updates their Instagram profiles through the Instagram mobile app. The basic features of Instagram are open to any user. In order for you to access this site you must have a Instagram account.

What do you see when you enter the site? First off you see the picture that you have on your account. Second there is stat box that shows how many followers and how many photos you have up. The most recent pictures that you have, you can have it enlarged on the site.

Now when you search for certain people or celebrities and pictures is very easy. it is the very quick and accurate way to search for images. Photoflow just uses Instagram so you can have a more enjoyable experience. The feed of the user consists of the most recent pics of the people that you follow. When you click on an image you can access the HD version of the photo and you can then access the section where you can leave a comment and also access the profile of the user.

If you want to access the site for yourself here is the link.

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