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Microsoft Holiday look book

The holiday’s are approaching us at a fast speed unlike any other that I have experienced. As we all have seen on tv and online  everyone is using their advertisements to remind us that we need to get gifts for Christmas. So let me aid you on your quest for the perfect and before you... Read more »

Wii U not a university but a gaming console

As the busiest shopping of the season approaches there is one thing that your kids or husbands will be asking for this holiday season and let  me be the first to advise you on one thing that will be coming out next week. The Wii U is the newest gaming console that Nintendo is launching... Read more »

Introducing : Photoflow

I was introduced to this company a few weeks back, and might I say that I am impressed with what they are offering. Let me just give you a brief intoduction into who the company is and what some of the benefits of the company is. Let’s start it off. Photoflow started off on June... Read more »