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Is the iPad mini a good deal?

Everyone that is a fan of the Apple brand had been anticipating the day when they launched the mini version of the iPad and that day came last week. The Apple fan boy or girl in all of us who have used an Apple brand device were in awe of what Apple was offering in... Read more »

Grand opening of the Microsoft store on Michigan ave

Yesterday was the day of all days. Multiple things happening at the same time, yesterday was the first day when you could pre-order your new iPad mini, the Microsoft Surface was released yesterday and that went hand in hand with the grand opening of the Microsoft store. The Microsoft store first and foremost is not... Read more »

New tech store coming to Michigan Ave

If you are to walk down Michigan Ave right now what tech stores are you going to find right now. The first one that tourists always tend to go to is the Apple store and until a couple years back Best Buy made its presence known. Now there is a new contender coming to the... Read more »