Is the iPad mini a good deal?

Everyone that is a fan of the Apple brand had been anticipating the day when they launched the mini version of the iPad and that day came last week. The Apple fan boy or girl in all of us who have used an Apple brand device were in awe of what Apple was offering in terms of the specs of the iPad.

It is just a miniature version of the real iPad. It comes with all the bells and whistle of what an iPad has. It features the front Facetime camera, the backside camera, Siri, a small 7.9 inch screen, thinner the previous version which is now pencil thin. It features the new lighting connector which is smaller than the previous version of the iPad. You can send everything that you download or do with your iPad and send it straight to the iCloud. It has a dual band Wi-Fi connector which now makes your iPad even faster to download stuff.

The thing that shocked the masses of people around the world was the price tag of the device. It starts out at $329, yes you heard that right $329 not the price that we all had anticipated of maybe a $200 or $250 or lower but $329 which is only $70 dollars the previous version of the iPad. Apple had a very good shot to make a bigger dent in the tablet wars with a price lower than $329. Don't get me wrong there will be people that will pay any price for this device heck there is a mad dash to get this device that the waiting time for the iPad mini right now on the website is 2 weeks.

Let me post to you the link to where the President of Apple stated of why the price is so high.

Don't get me wrong the device is still priced too high but there are a ton of benefits that could aid it in the long run. It is smaller, easier to carry around, easier to carry in a back pack, it won't be a hassle, if you are taking pictures at a concert, special event or whatever. It has a faster Wi-Fi connection. So now the ball is in your court guys. Will you go out and get on for yourself? Or will go with the rivals who have a more reasonable priced device?

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