Grand opening of the Microsoft store on Michigan ave

Yesterday was the day of all days. Multiple things happening at the same time, yesterday was the first day when you could pre-order your new iPad mini, the Microsoft Surface was released yesterday and that went hand in hand with the grand opening of the Microsoft store.

The Microsoft store first and foremost is not a stand alone store, so I  don't want to receive some complaints from my readers, saying I went on Michigan Ave and I didn't see the Microsoft store. The store is in the Shops at North Bridge. When you first enter the mall right off the Michigan Ave entrance you see a big sign indicating Surface and that describes the tablet that Microsoft is now promoting.

When I entered there was a lot of traffic in the pop up store and that is a good thing for the company. A lot of anticipation for this store and I can say that it could be a good thing in the long run. I was told that before the mall is scheduled to opened there was a long line to get in and try to get their hands on the new things that Microsoft is offering.

Another thing that Microsoft is now offering is their new OS which is now referred to as Windows 8. As you might have seen the various commercial that Microsoft has rolled out. When you first take a look at the new OS it is way different than what most Windows users are used to. So I mentioned to the manager what happens if a user is not comfortable with the OS and they have purchased a brand new Windows 8 computer or the new Surface tablet? Well the manager mentioned to me that they have a section at this pop up store where one of the knowledgeable personnel will walk you through the steps of what your brand new machine or tablet does.

One thing that I did mention is the store going to carry Microsoft Xbox 360 or Windows phones? The manager did mention that in the coming months they will have the full line of Microsoft products, so that is a good thing for any customer that is looking to purchase a Xbox 360 for their kids or get a brand new Windows phone for some one in their family. I was told by the manager of the store that they are not aware of when store will shut down.  I mentioned to him  that I am rooting for them to actually make some noise on Michigan Ave. Because the Apple needs some competition on this street and it is a prime location to make some serious money.

So we will see what the suits at Microsoft say, but I think they should really look into making more of their presence felt on Michigan Ave. If you are looking for a new tablet or Windows 8 computer and you don't want to travel all the way to Oak Brook you can now just head downtown to Michigan Ave and get your hands on the newest technology that Microsoft is offering.

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