Working out made easy

We all at one point or another have said I'll start my diet tomorrow or it's an annual new year's resolution for everyone. It was a great pleasure to test 2 devices that will aid everyone in their quest for the perfect weight loss tools that will aid everyone out there. Let me introduce to you the devices.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale - Now we all have hopped onto a scale and seen our weight and sometimes it makes us all gloomy to see how high the weight is. But this scale is way different than any other scale that you have tried out. First and foremost the scale has Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi connection in your house, office or workplace this is the one for you. You might be asking why would you need to have a Wi-Fi connection? Well the answer would be that everytime you hop onto the scale it keeps track of weight and % body fat and it the info goes online. First you need to set up an account for yourself or up to 7 people that would like to use the scale. It requires 4 double A batteries as well. In order for the results be accurate, you need to be barefoot when you hop onto the scale. My experience with the device couldn't be more better. It is one of the easiest devices that I have set up, couldn't have been more simplier. Once you set up the device and set up your account you can just hop on and get your weight and body fat and start your journey to losing weight. If you do start a training program, so you won't lose motivation on your quest. You get badges everytime you acheive a goal that you set for yourself. It does come in 2 colors, White and Black depending on which you prefer. It works on both PC and Mac. After mentioning how easy it is to set up and how it will motivate you. If you would like to check out the device for yourself just check out the link I have included below.

I have to give the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale an overall grade of an A.

Fitbit Ultra - Along the way of losing weight there is always a time when you say I will start running, walking or training. This device will absolutely aid you on your quest of the perfect workout. Now the Fitbit Ultra kind of looks like a USB flash drive. It comes with the FitBit Ultra, a belt clip, a wristband for when you go to sleep, the base station that connects to your computer. It is PC and Mac compatible. The Fitbit Ultra is also another of the easiest devices that I have set up. You just hook it up to a base station that connects to your computer once you register the person that is going to be using the device. You are ready to go. You can start running or walking everywhere. It comes in 2 colors blue or plum whichever color that you the user prefer. It can track everystep that you take during the day, it tracks how many stairs that you up and down, it has a stopwatch if you are training for a marathon or want to know how much time you do on your runs, it also tells you how many calories you have burned during your workout, it also keeps track of how well you sleep during the night. My experience with the device is one of the best I have had. I mentioned above of how it is easy to set up and once you set up the account online so it can keep track of your activities, you can just get up and go. So if you want to try out the Fitbit Ultra for yourself checkout the link below.

I have to give the FitBit Ultra an overall grade of an


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