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Is Free Wi-Fi really Free?

As we may have all noticed in the news yesterday and today, Mayor Emanuel announced that he wants to put free high speed Wi-Fi to be incorporated into the city parks. The first park to have this service already is Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Now you can be strolling around in the park and... Read more »

iOS 6 is live and kicking

If you are not in a line in front of a Apple store at this moment. Then you are at home, office or at school reading this and if you are not interested in obtaining the iPhone 5. This post is for you. Now if you remember to my past post of when they made... Read more »

iPhone 5

All the rage the last couple of weeks was the mention of the iPhone 5 and how it was going to look and how much it was going to be. I can safely say that no one will be disappointed with what was announced. So let me get down to the nitty gritty of the... Read more »

Amazon making waves

With all the attention going towards Apple this week, with the unveiling of the iPhone 5 which will be tomorrow which I will have the latest news on that for you my fellow reader. As I was mentioning with everyone flocking over to the most valuable company in the country, Amazon made some announcements last... Read more »

Working out made easy

We all at one point or another have said I’ll start my diet tomorrow or it’s an annual new year’s resolution for everyone. It was a great pleasure to test 2 devices that will aid everyone in their quest for the perfect weight loss tools that will aid everyone out there. Let me introduce to... Read more »