Is Free Wi-Fi really Free?

As we may have all noticed in the news yesterday and today, Mayor Emanuel announced that he wants to put free high speed Wi-Fi to be incorporated into the city parks. The first park to have this service already is Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Now you can be strolling around in the park and you can be checking up on your e-mails from the office, update your fantasy football team, play the game words with friends.

Having that option now being offered at your local park does it really aid you? I mean what I always say if it's free than it is for me. There are some drawbacks in the system. Take into account one of the scenarios that I described to you before and you going on the web and checking up on your checking account or you are checking out your e-mails or you are sending out sensitive information out. Hopefully this doesn't happen but there could be a regular guy or girl just using a device to check out which wireless devices out are not protected and he or she  can gain access to your device. This person can cause a lot of damage to you if they are able to gain access to your device.

The city and the tech companies that are working to get this project off the ground need to offer us the citizens of Chicago some assurance of how they are going to protect us the user of this high speed Wi-Fi? They need to offer a very secure Wi-Fi at this parks and this is one of the main reasons that you should always shy away from joining these free high speed Wi-FI hot spots. If you are going to be entering these free Wi-Fi spots. Let me advise you on some things. First if you are going to be surfing the web always go to sites that HTTPS://  in the front of the web address. Now the S in front of the HTTP means that the site is secure and you should have nothing to worry about. Second make sure there is a lock on the site, what that means is that your information is very much secure. Also have a very secure device if you run into any not good person that is just trying to cause you harm.

If you are able to follow the advice that I have provided above you should be able to go online at your local park when it is in your area.

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