iOS 6 is live and kicking

If you are not in a line in front of a Apple store at this moment. Then you are at home, office or at school reading this and if you are not interested in obtaining the iPhone 5. This post is for you. Now if you remember to my past post of when they made the announcement of the iOS 6, they had said that not only the iPhone 5 was going to be getting the iOS 6, it is compatible with the the newer iPad the second gen iPad, the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and the 4th gen iPod touch.

So what is the new thing coming to my iPhone you may ask? Well a whole lot of new toys to play with on your iPhone. First the maps will not be brought to you by Google it will now be featured by yours truly Apple. They will now have a turn by turn navigation system with voice included. 3D views of the maps, it can also give you traffic alerts.

Siri is now getting a little bit more smarter. It now gives you what restaurants are available in your area, what movies are playing at this moment, and how well your favorite team is doing. So now it is a culinary expert, movie expert, and sports expert.

Another new feature is the Facebook integration. You can just post photos, status updates directly without even logging onto your account in the app. Plus if you don't want to do it yourself you can have Siri do it for you.

Passbook is a cool new addition where you can have your plane ticket, movie ticket from Fandango, your cubs ticket, a target coupon. Once you are done using the ticket or coupon it shreds it for you.

So enough of me talking about it. Just go and get it my friends. You can go from the iTunes store and connect your iPhone and check for update or you can go wirelessly and go to the settings on your iPhone then general and software update. One thing you are going to be need 2.5 GB of storage available. Go and download it and enjoy your new iOS.

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