Amazon making waves

With all the attention going towards Apple this week, with the unveiling of the iPhone 5 which will be tomorrow which I will have the latest news on that for you my fellow reader. As I was mentioning with everyone flocking over to the most valuable company in the country, Amazon made some announcements last week that could tell us how Apple will price their newest tablet. Stay tuned. Here are some of the details of the new tablets.

One of the most popular tablets was the Kindle Fire. Now they launched an 8.9 inch Kindle Fire but they now add HD to the Kindle Fire. The entry version which is a 16 GB version it has stereo speakers, dual Wi-Fi antennas for better reception. It has features a WhisperSync technology for when you need to save some the page that you are reading on or if you want to pause a game and you want to start from the spot that you left on now you have that ability with this technology, they have new parental controls, Facebook and Skype are now able to be seen on the Kindle Fire, and IMDB where you can see info on the movies that you are seeing I think that is a very cool addition. For the entry version what would the price be? The price is at $299 but if you want a little more memory and added 4G LTE coverage you are looking at a $499 price tag. With the LTE version you have some added benefits you have $50 dollars of 250 MB worth of data, 20GB worth of cloud storage, $10 worth of Amazon app store credit. Both of them will be available on November 20.

They will also release a 7 inch 16GB Kindle Fire HD for $199 which will ship on September 14 but the differences from the 8.9 version are that it has an updated processor, more RAM, and they upped the battery life on the device. The price is now at $159 down from the $199. The entry level Kindle is now priced at $69 and the Paperwhite which will be priced at $119 and will be available on October 1 for the standard model and $179 for the 3G Paperwhite with surprisingly enough free cell access, a front light for reading at night, and boasts a 8 week battery life. Meaning that on one single charge the battery will last you for a good 2 months. That is what I call a great battery.

So now your move Apple what will you offer the masses?

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