Who's really the leader??

As you have probably noticed over the last couple of years the popularity of the smartphone has just taken over. That any other phone out on the market right now, just seems irrelevant. If you are reading this post on your iPhone, you might be surprised to know that the Apple iPhone is not the smartphone leader. So now you are in the minority.

If you have read my posts over the last couple of weeks you might have noticed that I have reviewed some new smartphone and a couple weeks back I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S III and let me tell that I was very much in aww of this phone. That I wrote that I would almost give up my iPhone for this phone. I think the masses of people out there have followed that saying. Apparently Samsung has aided in the popularity of the Android.

Right now as it stands Apple is second to Samsung as the top smartphone maker. Now we may as well just have Apple switch places with Samsung when Apple launches the much rumored iPhone 5 or whatever it is going to be called.

When Apple first launched the iPhone they pretty much said that you can do much more with a phone that just make phone calls. You can go on the web, play games, and etc.

Google has just garnered more partners in helping in making the smartphone like HTC, Samsung and Motorola mobility which is now owned by Google and has it HQ now located in Chicago.

The area where Apple still dominates is the tablet market where they have 68% of the market. But Google is also making up some ground there with the Android tablets and the recently launched Google Nexus 7. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have made up ground launching inexpensive tablets. Apple is rumored to also trying to take a bit out of that market as well. So keep an eye on that situation.

So as September 12 grows closer we must keep an eye on that conference that Apple will directing and see what they say as in terms of the numbers of how well the iPhone sales are doing and if they are on top? Or will they just say that we must do better and that is why we are launching this new phone? Meanwhile I will have to say congratulations Google for making Apple work.

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