This is not my speciality let me just state that before I start my rants. I feel that someone has to say something at this time. What better way to do this then in my blog.

Here we go. Get ready.. Set.. GO!!! Ok what is happening with us as a society?  We all know that when we turn on the news and or read the newspaper or read our newspaper online that the first headline you are going to read is going to be about someone getting shot late at night or during the daylight hours. Really! What is happening with all this violence in our neighborhoods? What happened in the shootings in Colorado and with this happening today with the shooting in New York in the Empire State building area. I know that there have always been things happening in our neighborhoods. But this overflow of violence is just plain ridiculous.

Usually with the gun violence in our area there are cases that it is over gang territory or just a innocent person is in the wrong place at the wrong time. With this shooting that just occured in NYC it was just because the guy got laid off from his job and just wanted to get back at his former employer and just shot the guy that worked with him. Then we have the case in Colorado where the guy was deranged and just thought of himself as the joker and wanted to shot people at the movie theater while people were enjoying watching their favorite movie.

No one expects to be shot at. With the case in NYC the guy that started the shooting, he was dressed like he was going to work. Any person seeing this guy is not going to assume that he is a shooter. So what do we have to do?? What does the government have to do?

I mean seriously this just plain old ridiculous!  What has to happen, for this to end? Our youth is seeing this and saying I don't want to go here, I don't want to go there. Does the government have to ban all firearms, that no one regular person can own or have in their hands on a firearm? Does someone important have to get shot in order for some action to happen? I knock on wood that doesn't happen but that is how things usually get rolling.

I like to think that everything starts at home. If you teach your child to act the right way and teach them that you can talk things out and not resort to violence then we could be a better society. I know that we can not go back to the Mayberry days but we can try to make it


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