Facetime over a cell network, extra money on your bill?

If you remember some time back, I had mentioned that when Apple made their presentation of the newest OS's. That Apple had planned on making the iOS 6 which would change our iPhone's and iPad into something totally different from what was first seen. Also when they  made the presentation that had mentioned that they wanted to bring Facetime to more users. Now if you are not familiar with Facetime let me give you a little lesson as to what it is all about. Facetime gives any user that has an iPod touch, iPad or iPhone the ability to video chat with those users. When it was first introduced it was only possible to do that function over a Wi-Fi network. Now with the incorporation of the iOS 6 you will now be able to video chat over a cell network connection. You can be at a location where there is no Wi-Fi connection and be able to video chat with another person.

So now AT&T who was the first cell carrier to provide us with the iPhone has announced that they will not charge for the new way to video chat. There is a catch. AT&T will require that you be on a Mobile share plan.

These Mobile share plans will officially launch this coming week on August 23. This plan allows you to share monthy data allotment among other mobile devices. The plans vary in price from $10 to $45 depending the device and the type of plan that you select. All of the plans have unlimited talk and text.

While AT&T is asking that users switch over the new types of plans that want to incorporate. Users can keep the plans that they currently have along with the grandfathered unlimited data plans though you won't be able to Facetime over a cell network.

While other cell providers like Sprint has stated that it will not charge for that new service for iPhone users. Verizon has not stated what it will be doing when this feature becomes official.

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