Take a bite out of this apple...

For those who have been anticipating the new iPhone and maybe the new iPad, there is finally a date and a location to when and where it will be released. It will happen on September the 12th at an Apple media event. The iPhone 5 is most definitely getting revealed at this event and there could also be an announcement of the rumored iPad mini. There have been multiple pics of the rumored iPhone 5 and what it might look light. If the pictures that have been posted online hold to be true then it will be a completely different from past iPhone's and if they will go on a new journey in the inexpensive tablet business but we will have to tune in and see but more than certainly keep an eye out on this blog, I will have the news that you want.

If you have kept an eye on this blog. You may have known that the Mountain Lion OS is finally and do you want to know how popular is it? It was downloaded 3 million times in the first 4 days that it was released. Apple can say that it has the most popular OSX relase in their history. It was released on July the 25th at the price of $19.99 which also helps in making it this popular in the download business. If you want to comapre it to the previous version known as Lion OS 10.7 it was downloaded 1 million times in the first day alone. But it was not at the price that Mountain Lion is at right now. Plus it has received great reviews from columunists at various newspapers and they all agree that the price just makes it more enticing for anyone to get. And it just  might exceed overall sales. So we all have to see when Apple surprises us with the astounding numbers. It might happen when they present the iPhone and iPad mini maybe, at the event I mentioned above.

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