Samsung Galaxy S III

When you first notice this phone you see that it has a giant screen compare that screen to the iPhone and the iPhone just seems so small that it is ridiculous. Once you get the phone in your hand you don't notice the enormity of the screen you feel like it is your regular phone. It has a 4.8 AMOLED HD display that is simply gorgeous. It feautres a 8MP camera and a frontal camera that you can use for video conferences or if you just want to take a picture of yourself. It runs on Android 4.0 OS aka the Ice Cream Sandwich. It has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor that makes everything run smooth. It features a 16 GB of storage but you can also add more memory via the Micro SD slot on the phone. It has 4G speeds which is now featured on most of the new phones that are being launched now. Bluetooth is also featured into the phone if you want to connect a wireless headset or if you want to sync it to your computer that has Bluetooth installed.

I will now be providing to you some of my experiences with the phone. Like I had mentioned before when you first turn on the phone you see that it has a gorgeous screen that puts the iPhone's screen to shame. Now the one drawback that I noticed was that it features a good OS in the Android 4.0 better known as Ice Cream sandwich. Now if you follow tech talk you know that Android has a new OS called Jelly Bean aka Android 4.1 You would expect if you are releasing a new phone you would include it with the latest OS. Other than that drawback I was almost this close to switching to this phone. As I mentioned above it has a 16 GB built in storage. But if you want to add you can add as much as 64 GB of Micro SD storage. Now if you look at the phone you will notice that it does not have a slot on the side so you can enter the memory card. The way to access the slot you uninstall the back side of the phone and when you remove the lid from the backside of the phone it almost feels like the backside of the phone is going to break.

A very cool feautre that the phone has is call S Beam. You might be asking what is S Beam. Basically what this phone does is if another Samsung Galaxy S III phone is your area, you can exchange info, photos and videos with that person or persons. You may have noticed the commercials that have come out recently where there is a group of friends on a pier and a guy is running by and they ask the guy running if he can take a picture of the group. He obliges and takes the pictures and then the rest of the friends want a picture on their phones or cameras. Meanwhile on the other side there is the same scene but with the Samsung Galaxy S III  you can exchange the photo by just turning on the S Beam on your phone and if they all have Galaxy S III they get the photo as soon as the photo is taken.  But if you want to share something with another person you can just use the back side of your Galaxy S III and the backside of your friends Galaxy S III and instantly you get the pic on your phone. You can also share photos, documents and videos via the Wi-Fi connection and also the other person must have Galaxy S III in order for it work.

They also have their own version of Siri but it is called S Voice where you can send a text message, play a song, or take a photo. Now remember I had mentioned above that it has a dual core processor. So now you can be glancing at a document on your phone and then say what a second let me see that video that they sent me. So you can just have a pop up video screen and in the background the document that you were reading. But the good thing about the phone is that it doesn't slow down or lag in speed.

Overall I was very impressed by the phone there is some drawbacks but overall I would have to say that Samsung has made a good phone that people will love to have in their hands. The drawbacks I mentioned above was that the back side of the phone feels a little weak to me and more that is the only way to access the Micro SD slot. Also in order for you to do some of the cool features I mentioned above you and your friends have to a Samsung Galaxy S III. But those are only small drawbacks. You can get the phone at  AT&T's website and it will go for $199 with a 2 year contract but if you don't want a committment it will go for $549 if you purchase it online. It comes in 3 versions, you can get a red colored phone and blue or a white. Your choice. I will include the link so you can check out the phone for yourself. Just click on the highlighted AT&T.

Overall grade = A-

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