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Take a bite out of this apple...

For those who have been anticipating the new iPhone and maybe the new iPad, there is finally a date and a location to when and where it will be released. It will happen on September the 12th at an Apple media event. The iPhone 5 is most definitely getting revealed at this event and there... Read more »

OSX Mountain Lion

If you are a user of an Apple computer, you must be aware of the news that the new OS X is now available. If your an Apple fan like myself your aware that this version of the new OSX is called Mountain Lion aka OS X  10.8. If you are a follower of my... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III

When you first notice this phone you see that it has a giant screen compare that screen to the iPhone and the iPhone just seems so small that it is ridiculous. Once you get the phone in your hand you don’t notice the enormity of the screen you feel like it is your regular phone.... Read more »

iPad mini coming??

We  all have noticed at how Apple has taken the reigns in the tablet market and has not lost any steam. There are others who have joined the competition, like Amazon, Google are among a few. It should come as no surprise that there are talks among the tech nerds and we have said that... Read more »