The Surface tablet

How many tablet makers have come out since Apple launched their iPad? Too many.. You have Android tablets, you have the Kindle Fire, and others. But now entering the dance is the one and only Microsoft. What is their prized possession going to be called? Surface is the name of their new tablet.

This is not the first time that they have entered the tablet market. If you remember to the early and mid 2000's Microsoft partnered with Sony and launched some tablet computers, but these computers were not very popular. The thinking was when you first looked at it. It was a laptop computer but then you can turn the screen and lay it on the keyboard and it would be a touch screen tablet computer. In my eyes I didn't think it was good idea and plus it was a very expensive machine.

So think about it since that time Microsoft sat back and waited while others like Google and Apple took the reins to the tablet market. Will it be too late for them to get into the tablet market? One thing to also consider is this they did the same thing as I mentioned when the iPod was the first and most popular mp3 player on the market and then others followed and made their own. But the one that stood at the top was Apple. Then they launched the Zune mp3 player and it was the most disappointing mp3 player ever. First it was very bulky, you could exchange songs with other friends that had a Zune player. Which if your friends had a mp3 player it was a good chance they would have a iPod before they would get a Zune. So then they just discontinued the device and now Zune is just featured as a music player on their latest Windows phones.

What stands out on this tablet? It has a 10 inch screen, it is a very big tablet compared to others on the market. The entry level has a 32 GB and the biggest has 128 GB tablet. It will run on the Windows 8 OS, the Windows 8 will be launched for your laptop or desktop in the fall. It comes with the stand. It features a cover that converts itself into a keyboard so you can type on a keyboard. You can add extra memory to it with a Micro SD slot that it features, 2 Wi-Fi antennas to get more speed out of your device. It will come in a inexpensive version that will be the first one to launch and if they want to take down Apple in the tablet wars they will have to offer this version at the same price as the iPad. There also will be a expensive version that will probably priced at the ultrabook price range and that could make it lose to $1000. So we will see if this tablet has any success. If you first look at it from a far it converts into a latptop? Or could it be a an answer to the Macbook Air before it challenges the iPad?

Other than those details there is nothing more to say. Microsoft is silent on what the price is going to be and when it will launch? My guess would be in the fall or around Christmas time. So tune in to this blog to get the latest news on this device.

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